Service we provide

Security is complete only with intelligence backup by experienced Security.

Delta Security Force is an authorized, registered & licensed security agency exempted by government of Maharashtra. We also registered and approved under P.S.A.R. Act of Maharashtra government.

Industrial Security Services

Our objective is to establish new benchmarks of quality and service in line with the increasing demands placed on the industry over changing security scenario.

Commercial Security Services

In commercial segments the training is provided as per needs of the Industries, Malls/Commercial Complex, BPOs, Retail Outlaits & Educational Institute etc.

BodyGuard Services

Personal safety to a number of high-profile clients including celebrities, dignitaries and business professionals. We offer a completely bespoke, client-focused service with agents carefully assigned by our management team.

Dog Squads

We provide dog squad services with the help of experienced personnel and dog trainers. Dog squad services are capability of sharp hearing and smelling senses, along with their sharp teeth, the agility and fear they create.

Event Security Services

Services specializes in providing event security,crowd management, and guest services for major concerts , sporting events , festivals , conventions,award shows,private parties & functions.

Lady Searchers

We also offer lady searcher for various services. They are also well trained for all type of security purposes. Our Lady Searchers are not only trained but are also well qualified for all kinds of circumstances.